Hiring a Professional Property Manager

System - Thursday, December 11, 2014
When the day comes that you decide to rent your condo, house or townhouse there are important decisions to make. A professional property manager can help prepare you for a successful property management experience. Below are some of the questions that need to be decided before you answer the question of rental rate?
  1. What is going to be included in the rental rate?  Landscaping, pest control, trash collection, pool maintenance (if applicable), water?
  2. Are you going to accept pets? If so, any restrictions?  Refundable deposit or non-refundable pet fee? Require tenant to have renter’s insurance that includes a pet liability rider?
  3. Are you going to get a planned maintenance agreement on the HVAC?
  4. Have you updated your insurance to make sure they know the property is being used as a rental?